Alanis Morrisette’s New Boyfriend is a real Drag

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Sunday May 10, 2009 EXCLUSIVE Here is Canadian Song bird Alanis Morrisette Horsing around with New boyfriend on a Los Angeles Beach0905010_Alanis_Morrisette_Excl


“Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester in a Bikini wow!

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Sunday May 10, 2009  EXCLUSIVE Ok So here  Are  the  first Pictures this summer of Leighton Meester in a Bikini….I am impressed. Not much meat, but whats there is Choice.  0905010_Leighton_Meester_ExclOk so I updated Meester By Popular demand. And by demand I mean All you Perv’s wanted to see more Bikini Shots!


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**EXCLUSIVE**Miss Naomi Watts Filming the Controversial  Movie called “Mother & Child” Directed by Gabriel Garcia090211-Watts_Mother&Child-Excl_amc01

Just Cuz I’m a Trekkie and a ChiPs fan!

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Hey Chris Pine is that a bag of Corn Nuts in your Pocket or are you Just glad to see Miguel and Stefan from

“The Roommate” is filming in L.A.! Cam and Minka Cuddle

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Twilight Actor Cam Gigandet and Actress Minka Kelly film a Night scene for the new thriller “The Roommate” in a South Central park.  Director is Christian E. Christianson seen in white shirt.  film also stars Leighton MeesteCam-Mink_Roommate

Don Johnson is the Celebrity Juicer of the Day!

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Here are Some more Pix from two Days of filming on the Set of  “Born to be a Star” Don Johnson plays a Sleazy Porn Director and Christina Ricci Plays a waitress with a dream “Kathy”  and “Miles Deep” meet for the first time in Tony’s Diner in Pasadena. I do not know what happened to His Neck or why he has a grape juice stain on his shirt



Christina Ricci is the Masticator of the Day!

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Wednesday May 6, 2009

Actress and Masticator extraordinaire  Christina Ricci Tears into a Bagel and cream cheese Sandwich  on the Pasadena set of “Born to be a Star”   *EXCLUSIVE*